SMB Share not mounting for some clients, but not all

  • I'm having trouble with certain devices not being able to image. I get an error upon selecting any image that the smb share could not mount citing an authentication error. These are all apple devices and imaging in the Mac imaging environment.

  • Is there any consistency you can find to when it happens? Specific model, location, etc. Are they all using the same nbi pulling from the same location? What OS have you installed on?

  • I have not noticed any pattern which is the most frustrating part about it. It is important to note that these devices will image on an older CloneDeploy server that does not use the Mac imaging environment (version 1.0.1p3). Also important to note that other devices image just fine on our main production server (version 1.2.0).

  • Does the same device fail every time, or if you keep trying does it sometimes work? I think we would need to check SMB logs on the server to see if there is any info as to why it's failing to authenticate. What server os did you install on?