Tftp server: input box

  • tftp server: input box

    Is it possible to create a boot up iso/usb with an option of entering a tftp server of your choice. We have multiple clone deploy servers for different sites. This will help out by having one universal boot up usb for all sites. I know it can be done with ipxe but i am new to it and need some help with writing the script.


  • It should be possible. I'm confused about your environment though. It sounds like you are not currently pxe booting. If you are using the CloneDeploy bootable iso, then pxe booting is not used at all. So you would not need to pick a tftp server, you could just make the iso include all of the locations from the boot menu. If you are pxe booting, shouldn't each site automatically be set to the correct tftp server from dhcp? Finally, if you are pxe booting and still need to manually pick tftp servers, you would just completely drop the CloneDeploy bootable iso and strictly use an ipxe iso which depends on a tftp server. After I get some more info from you I can help more.

  • How can I make the iso to include all my locations?

  • I would do it with sub menus. Your main boot menu page would just include a list of each location, then when the location is selected you get the normal menu. You just need to modify the isolinux.cfg file or syslinux.cfg file depending on if you chose iso or usb. You then create an additional cfg file for each location and simply change the ip address for the web= to the correct CloneDeploy server. Finally if you also need EFI support you would need to make the same changes for the grub cfg files. I have attached an example. When you generate the iso /usb these files would go in the syslinux folder

  • It worked like a charm! Thanks for your help!

  • Thank you! for providing a quite triumph concept and knowledge with such an expertise information through which mine problem was sorted out.