Minimal Apple NetBoot image

  • Hi,
    It seems wasteful to netboot a Mac with a 10GB image just to enter the clonedeploy menu for deploying another image.
    Is there a way to create a small Apple NetBoot image?
    Or even better, load a pxelinux image just for the clonedeploy menu?

  • The mac image the best using the mac os imaging environment. Yes the image is 10GB but if you use some type of traffic monitor you will see that only about 1GB is actually transferred.

    You can use the linux imaging environment with macs, but there is no way to bless the drive. So you may or may not have boot issues. You could try if you want, just add a new mac boot menu entry with an id of 3913 and it will load to the linux environment.

  • Just to add to this, you should also be using the Apple Netboot environment for the diskutil tools. Resizing OS X using the Linux environment is a nightmare and some cases not even possible. Even when using scripts on the image to resize the disk after first boot can prove to be cumbersome and can have inconsistent results. We played around with this for months so take my advice....use the OS X imaging environment for Mac's.