Partclone fail, Image download fail at 9%

  • Hi folks,

    I'm having an issue when i deploy an image.
    The issue actually starts when it's downloading the 😄 partition ( which is close to 47GB) . It downloads about 9 % of it and then gives me an error as that attached in the file. Can you please check and let me know what i'm doing wrong.

    After this error, it just freezes for some time and then proceeds to image download /dev/sda3 like nothing wrong has happened.Though the data transfer speeds are spiking between 1GB/min to 300MB/min.

    I was able to upload the image without any issues. Its just deploying i'm having a problem with.
    I also noticed that the downloading speed is quite low (@ 500MB/min) which is really slow compared to the speeds i used to get (2GB/min) when i was running clonedeploy version 1.1.1 . Is there a way that i could increase the data transfer speed by any means in clone deploy console.

    Thanks in advance

  • Seems like maybe there is a hardware issue with that machine, hard drive or memory. It seems like it's having trouble writing which would explain the slow speed.

  • Thanks clonedeploy for the quick response.

    Its a new machine, right out of the box. Anyways, i will check the same on the 3rd new machine as well. Will update on this.

    thank you so much

  • If you could post the upload log that might be helpful also.

  • HI Clonedeploy,

    Please find the upload log file. I'm deploying the same image on the 3rd new computer now. And it seems to be writing the image much better, with a data speed of 1.27GB/min. So i'm waiting for the process to finish. Will update you soon.

  • Thank you Clonedeploy

    You were right. It was indeed a hard disk glitch. Tried on the 3rd computer, and everything was smooth.
    Thanks again for the quick response.