Remove interactivity

  • I am trying to adopt C/D as a testing automation environment. Typically we use VMs for our test scenarios, but for the sake of some tests we need actual physical machines as the test subjects.

    For this end, we wish to use C/D for the test setup step, and thus we need to eliminate all human interaction for the deploy process.

    We are aware that C/D 1.3.0 should have an API that will help us with our need, but for now, we will try to hack the underling DB to allow us to drive the process programaticaly.

    Here are the interactivity points we identified:

    1. In C/D web interface: computer -> View -> Image -> (select new image)

      (we might circumvent this by updating a record in the COMPUTERS table)

    2. From C/D web interface -> start computer task -> Deploy -> OK

      (we might circumvent this by inserting a record into the ACTIVE_IMAGING_TASKS table)

    3. After restarting a machine (we already have an API for that), the deployment waits on:

     IP Address:
     ** You Must Be Logged In To Continue **
    Username: _

    This thread: deal with that, but the solution suggested in it is not detailed enough for me to follow.

    Is there a better approach we should take?

  • To disable the login prompt.
    select which tasks do not require a login, probaby want web tasks and on demand, change to no
    Next to universal token select generate, then click update security settings
    You will be asked to create a new boot menu, select yes, then click create boot files