Copy Files/Drivers and run scripts

  • Hi Admin,

    Clonedeploy is working great. It is much faster compare to Ghost and MDT.

    I would like to know whether clone deploy have this feature

    1. Copy scripts or files from a shared location to a folder in the 😄 drive after imaging is done.
    2. Copy the driver file from a shared location to the 😄 drive and install it depending on the hardware/device model.

    Thank you,
    Jithin Sebastian

  • 1.) Yes, Under global properties there is a page for files and folders, after you define them here, you can assign them to an image profile to copy them over during imaging. The help file on that page should help you out.

    2.) Couple of way to handle this, but CloneDeploy does not install drivers. You would need to configure your sysprep answer file correctly to install the drivers after they have been copied over.
    a.)Use a post script. Determine the model using dmidecode, and manually copy the drivers over, then let sysprep handle the rest.

     b.)Use multiple image profiles for different models, assign the correct files/folders to that image profile.  Let sysprep handle the rest.

  • Please let me know whether I am doing it right.

    *Created the image on a virtual machine with required software and just the network driver installed.
    *Syspreped and shutdown the machine
    *Captured the image using clone deploy.

    • Created two folders named "Script" and "Drivers" on C drive on Clonedeploy Server
      *This functionality allow me to change the scripts and drivers if required
      *Installing drivers, adding printers, joining domain etc are taken care by scripts which will be copied from the shared location
    • Under global properties, Files and folders, added the folders
      *Editing profiles is the confusing part. Do you have any documentation for this. I tried the help option which gave me a small idea, but not complete

    How can I copy both the folders to 😄 drive on the image? When do the copying happens?

    How can I call a script which is just copied through clonedeploy

    What is destination partition? any examples?

    Jithin Sebastian

  • The Scripts and Drivers folders you created on C of the CloneDeploy Server need to be moved to the image share\resources. Something like c:\program files\clonedeploy\cd_dp\resources I think.

    Under global properties edit the path to be just Scripts or Drivers. The preceding c:\program files\clonedeploy\cd_dp\resources\ is automatically assumed.

    In the image profile you only have one partition according to your schema, so for destination partition just put 1

    The destination path since you just want the root 😄 driver would just be /

    That should then copy the scripts folder and the drivers folder to the c drive, after imaging has finished while still in the imaging environment.

  • Tested your solution and Copying Files works great.................. 🙂

    How can I run a script which is copied using CD File/Folder copy utility?

    I know we can call a script using sysprep unattended xml file. I there any other way?

    This is the script that calls other scripts to do tasks like installing drivers, joining domain etc....

    Also we have different models of laptops in our environment. The drivers will be different for each them.
    If I copy the entire driver folder, it will take a lot of time to copy the entire folder to the image and can cause unwanted delay.

    How can I detect the hardware model and only copy the drivers required?

    I know creating an image profile will work on this case. But I have to assign the profile to computers which is extra work.

  • [quote]How can I run a script which is copied using CD File/Folder copy utility?[/quote]
    I'm assuming your asking how to run the scripts intended for Windows and not the imaging environment. I would do a google search for sysprep and setupcomplete.cmd that should help you out.

    [quote]How can I detect the hardware model and only copy the drivers required?[/quote]
    There is nothing currently built in to CloneDeploy to handle this. If you have any bash scripting experience you could run a post script that could do this with dmidecode. I might be able to squeeze something like this into the next release.

  • I've been trying to get this to work with the Mac imaging environment. I don't seem to have the option to choose the destination partition. It's locked as /Volumes/Macintosh HD/. Everything else is as outlined in your documentation and this forum entry. The only thing I can think of is the context of the file. Are there restrictions such as spaces / or ? Thanks

  • Sorry I just figured it out. I did not realize at first that the file I had put into the share point was actually a zip file of the one that I was trying to copy to the image. After that everything worked perfectly.