Why does a 9.6GB OSX image require 239GB Minimum Client Size?

    1. I net-booted a Mac Mini with a 256GB disk (which is mostly empty, fresh installation, 14GB used) into the linux environment (3913).
    2. Uploaded an image (9.6GB)
    3. Added some content on the machine.
    4. Deployed the image on the same machine.
    5. The added content was gone as expected, deployment successful.

    What I don't get is why it requires 239GB Minimum Client Size?
    It's like it needs to restore all the empty space as well.
    Is there a way to fix it?

  • The image is a block image, so minimum size will always be the full size of the volume. Linux has utilities to shrink volumes for ntfs and ext. Which is what is done, volume is shrunk, image is captured, volume is expanded. There are no utilities on Linux that can shrink a mac volume. Some people using the Linux environment for mac will shrink the volume inside osx before the capture and use some type of startup script to expand it back. These are the reasons I created the macos imaging environment, to avoid these limitations when imaging macs.

  • Ok, thanks!