Determine CD version

  • The machine that runs my CD server is Win10 and has undergone some updates which I think might have wiped out the IIS settings among other things. I wanted to see what version I have so that I can see if I update CD if it will fix said problem, or if I have to uninstall/reinstall CD backing up configurations and images of course.


    Is there a way to determine which version of CD a machine is running?
    Is there a way to determine/fix IIS settings?

  • Open program files\clonedeploy\web\views\site.master with a text editor and look for something like
    <span class="version">1.2.1</span> about half way down.

    What error are you getting?

  • Not receiving any errors, it's been almost a year since I've messed with my CD server and I'm trying to get it back up and running for this summer. I'm remembering flashes of things I did previously, which I have already copied from the directory. Would it just be better to reinstall?

  • Don't reinstall over the existing version. That doesn't work out. If you want to start over, I would recommend a fresh install of Win10. I'm confused as to whether or not it's currently working, since you say there are no errors? If it is working, you can see the version info when you login, and update accordingly.

  • It's not currently working, I believe some Windows updates came through and wrecked havoc on some components.