Just getting started...please help!

  • So I am pretty new to CloneDeploy but so far I think it's great. I am having trouble figuring out how to make it all work, though.
    I ran the CloneDeployPE Builder script which all completed successfully. When I PXE boot a 32 bit laptop, it picks up the canned "WinPE10x86.wim" image that is created upon completion of the script. What I cannot figure out is how/where to put my existing WIM or ISO files in order to choose from them when PXE booting.

    I am hoping someone can reach out and help me along with these questions. I promise to pay it forward!

    Thank you,

  • If I understand correctly, you are trying to PXE boot 3rd party tools not part of CloneDeploy? That's not really what CloneDeploy was designed for. There is no universal way of pxe booting an ISO. CloneDeploy uses pxelinux and ipxe for pxe booting. If you do some searching on those bootloaders and the ISO you are trying to PXE boot, you might be able to find suggestions on how to setup the boot menu.

  • I greatly appreciate the quick reply. I will research that. In the mean time if I want to use CloneDeploy the way it was intended I will need to import (or capture) an image. I've read through all the documentation but I am still confused about how to accomplish that. I was able to register a test laptop, when I boot from the NIC I am able to log in with my clonedeploy creds. When I attempt to upload a new image I get an SMB share error (attached). Is there other documentation I should be reading?

    Thanks again.