Server IP change

  • Originally when I set our clonedeploy server up, I ran through the process of setting it up under a different network. Now, the previous network settings will no longer work going forward.

    Is the process as straight forward as changing the settings in Admin settings, and making sure that tftpd32 binds correctly, or is there some other hidden place it must be changed as well? I haven't made the changes yet and want to be sure before I do.

  • Should be that simple. Change the server ip in admin settings and as long as you didn't change the default [server-ip] anywhere else you should be good. If you are pxe booting you'll need to change option 66 to the new server.

  • Alright, cool. Another quick question, can you use a windows DHCP server for PXE booting, or are you required to use tftpd32?

  • You can use whatever DHCP server you like. I typically use tftpd32 for isolated environments, and Windows DHCP in production, but that's only half of the PXE boot process. You always need a tftp server. It doesn't need to be tftpd32, but is required to be on the CloneDeploy server as of version 1.2.1. This is changing in 1.3.0.

  • Okay, since you use Windows DHCP for production, is there any specific changes that must be made to accommodate CD?

  • Nope. Just option 66 and 67 unless you are using clonedeploy proxy dhcp