Ntfs:wim_capture on cd_pull, cd 1.2.1 ko (1.2.0 ok)

  • 1.2.0, patched to 1.2.1:
    When "cd_pulling" a ntfs partition (windows 10 1703, on spanish), wimcapture has 2 problems:

    1. wmicapture as called on: [code]wimcapture $wimsource $image_path/$output_name.$partclone_type.wim $wim_arguments[/code] returns error as if the arguments were not called OK. -> No problem: changed wmicapture command to [code]wimlib-imagex capture $wimsource $image_path/$output_name.$partclone_type.wim $wim_arguments[/code], and it almost works, except for next point:
    2. capture breaks with some ntfs filenames, informing it cannot convert multicharacter to fit UTF-16LE into UTF-8. File names as "Menú Inicio" prevents capture even from starting.

    To "survive" with ntfs images, I downgraded to 1.2.0, but I'm just too happy with clonedeploy that I needed to inform you of this.

  • Thanks for the info, 1.2.1 did update the wimlib binaries to 1.11.0. I suspect there may be a new bug in that release. I can try and submit the info to the wimlib developer for a fix.

  • I am working with the developer of wimlib and he is asking for the exact error message. Do you have it? He is stating that cannot convert multicharacter to fit UTF-16LE into UTF-8 is paraphrasing.

  • Sorry, I don't have a lot of time lately. I deployed clonedeploy on debian, and I guess this is the reason client upload logs don't get uploaded to server.
    As soon as I test it, I'll come back and update with the exact message.