UEFI boot order lost after deploy

  • We can set boot order in UEFI to have PXE boot as first item, so it will access C/D automatically after every boot (and continue with local boot after timeout), however after deploy this boot order is lost due to the use of the [code]cd_push[/code] client script of [code]efibootmgr -c[/code] (create).

    [code]efibootmgr -c[/code] put the new entry at the top of the boot list, and thus while it can complete successfully it make it harder to re-deploy on the same host.

    I propose these [url=https://github.com/cdadmin/clonedeploy/pull/8]pull[/url] [url=https://github.com/cdadmin/clonedeploy/pull/9]requests[/url] to fix this.

  • Looks good, thanks for sharing you modifications. Merged.