Dell Lattitude 5175 Tablet

  • Trying to image Dell Lattitude 5175 Tablet. It has one usb A port and one usb C port. I have a dock that plugs into usb A on the tablet - and in turn has 3 usb A ports, Ethernet, vga, hdmi ports. I can boot to cd (usb plugged into dock) but once booted the tablet can't see anything that's plugged into the dock. So no external drive, no Ethernet. What am I missing? Is there a way to get to my CloneDeploy server wireless?

  • You can try dropping to the CLI in CloneDeploy and configuring the wireless settings in /etc/network/interfaces manually and attempt it from there, but it usually relies on DHCP over Ethernet, so this may not work.

    If you have the CloneDeploy server set up to support PXE, you could attempt to boot from the dock's Ethernet port by loading iPXE (a 3rd-party PXE boot firmware) from a bootable USB drive and accessing CD that way. (check out the [url=]iPXE implementation here[/url]).

  • The short answer is that wireless isn't going to work and CloneDeploy is probably missing the driver for the dock to function correctly. There are really on two options here.

    1.) Use the winpe environment for this model.
    2.) Try a usb to ethernet adapter with extra usb ports. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that one you select will work. Something like this for example.

  • okay, so I got an ethernet adapter that's allowing me to boot PXE to my CloneDeploy server on a local private network. It boots to CloneDeploy Boot Menu - Client Console / Add Computer / On Demand / Diagnostics.
    It doesn't matter which option is selected you get:
    loading kernels 4.9.8
    loading images initrd.xz
    Then it goes into an endless cycle with a bunch of text that includes:
    info: rcu_sched detected stalls on CPUs/tasks:
    o2-...:(1GPs behind) idle=....

    it goes on. there's a screenshot attached in case that would help??
    thanks -

  • Can you try the 64bit kernel?

  • So sorry - but I'm not sure how to do that?? I'm guessing something needs to be changed on clone deploy server? Or are you wanting me to boot to PE CD with 64 bit kernel?

  • Admin->Boot Menu->Change the kernel dropdown to a 64bit kernel. Click create boot files

  • you really are a genius. thanks!

  • Man, I know you're getting sick of me... But now I've added the computer, created the image, and started the computer task -> upload. Then it boots PXE to 4.5 (32 bit) kernel and goes into that same loop again?? Now what have I done?? I can't seem to get it to boot to 64 bit kernel.

  • There are 2 boot menu's you need to handle. The default global which you already changed, which handles booting when there is no task for all computers.

    And, the task boot menu which is controlled by the image profile. In your image profile->pxe boot options, change the kernel.

    Cancel and restart the task for changes to take effect.

  • I [i]really[/i] appreciate your patience! Hopefully this will keep me busy for a while 🙂