Unicast Decompression

  • Before I start here's a little backstory:

    We have several MacBook (donglebook) Pros that need to be imaged, but they don't have Ethernet ports, so we were going to try using a USB-C to Ethernet adapter. Unfortunately the dongles have a fixed MAC address, so CloneDeploy thinks we are just deploying the same machine over and over again. So, we were looking to use the wifi netboot and point the server towards the internal network rather than the test bench switch we have setup.

    That being said, we need to increase the compression so I'm not moving huge amounts of data over the corporate wifi. I noticed that there is a decompression setting for Multicast, but what about Unicast? Does decompression happen client or server side for Unicast?

  • Unicast decompression always happens on the client. Are you using the macos imaging environment? If so, you can just register wlan mac instead of the usb adapter.

  • I see what you're saying, I see that now. I guess that solves both problems then, thanks.