Win10 NTFS Permissions

  • Has anyone else noticed that a Windows 10 Update is resetting some of the NTFS permissions for the SMB share?

    Maybe its just me.

  • Never mind, it was just me. facepalm Learning from mistakes, its still learning right?

  • And now its back to not mounting the SMB share. Jebus, this thing is major sensitive to changes. Windows updates installs and suddenly I have to reinstall CloneDeploy. I fix it, another week another its broke. Update Tuesday is looking more like reinstall Tuesday. What is even more annoying, rolling back to known working snapshots in VM isn't fixing it.

  • Nope, yet again my fault. I mixed the DNS and Wins addresses up.

  • In my on going struggle to KEEP Clonedeploy running, while trying to learn by making changes I have had to rebuild it again.

    The reason being I kept getting the SMB not mounting issue. I'm using the SMB troubleshooting guide and at step 6. When attempting to mount the cifs share to storage folder as created, I get the following:

    mount: mounting //SERVERip/cd_share on /storage failed: Operation now in progress

    Where SERVERip is my servers IP addy. I've confirmed from a windows machine that the SMB share is visible and even can be edited. My client machines however seem to have trouble with upload, download due to not being able to mount the SMB share. This happens from ISO/USB or from PXE booting. Happens in both Linux and Winpe boot environments, and for any image stored.

  • Nope, I was sort of right the first time. It is a windows update that is screwing it up, but it isn't the NTFS permissions. It is the frelling firewall.

    Thanks Microsoft....