Grabbing image from multiple HDD's

  • Hey ho!

    Ive seen an issue on our CD now last days, cant remember if this also was the issue on v1.0 as well, however;
    Our PCs got 2 hard-drives, one SSD for OS (sda), and one HDD for Data storage (sdb).
    CD now grabb's the image from sdb1 before sda1. Why is this?

    Also, the reason for why this came to my attention, was that sdb1 image was deployed to sda1, ans visa versa.
    Any possibility to override this manually in the profile for the image it self?

  • Now running current (1.2.1).

  • I'm not sure why it would have captured in the reverse order. You can specify the destination when using a custom deploy schema. Just put /dev/sda(or whatever matches) in the destination box of the hard drive