Host boots into Imaging environment menu despite active task

  • I see this on this one host in this specific instance, and I might resolve this by canceling the task an re-issue it, but if this [b]is[/b] a bug I would like to describe it and get as much information I can gather.

    I have a deploy task scheduled on a given host, and I was able to provision it in the past, however now despite having an active-imaging-task entry:

    active_task_id: 80
    computer_id: 8
    task_status: 0
    task_queue_position: 0
    task_elapsed: NULL
    task_remaining: NULL
    task_completed: NULL
    task_rate: NULL
    task_partition: NULL
    task_arguments: computer_name=pm04 computer_id=8 image_name=win_2012r2_mssql_alexbell profile_id=20 multicast=false pre_scripts="" post_scripts="" file_copy=False sysprep_tags="" task_completed_action="Reboot" dp_id=1 image_direction=push osx_target_volume="" munki_repo_url="" change_computer_name=true fix_bootloader=true partition_method=dynamic
    task_type: unicast
    multicast_id: 0
    user_id: 6

    and the proper files under /tftpboot/proxy/


    And the files seems normal to me.

    It doesn't start the imaging task but instead go to the imaging boot menu.

    Just before that I see this screen flashing (attached file)

    Any idea what else should I look at?

  • You need a 64bit kernel for efi64. Cancel the task, change the image profile to a 64bit kernel and try again. I don't see any issues with the boot menu's. It is properly loading the menu for the task but is failing to continue. Kernel is my best guess right now.