Help with On Demand Multicast

  • Hello all,

    I've been able to at least figure my own issues out a lot of these times. This one though, I have no idea where to go.

    I'm trying to do an On Demand Multicast with a few machines at a time. There are 2 switches between the deploy machines and clonedeploy server. I have setup the on demand multicast for 3 machines from the web interface. The machines have booted, been added to CloneDeploy. We set the image to the machines. We then scheduled the on demand multicast. The 3 machines are booted from PXE using WinPE if that helps. We choose the Multicast Option and get all three machines to that same stage.

    The machines have each formatted their drives, and act as if they are starting the steps but now they are sitting at "Deploy Image for Partition 1".

    I can not figure out how to alternatively setup group deployment to test that method.

    When checking the log for Multicast on Demand this is what appears:
    05-17-17 08:29 Starting Multicast Session 9002 With The Following Command:
    cmd.exe /c ""C:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\web\private\apps\udp-sender.exe" --file "C:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\cd_dp\images\Win10Staff\hd0\part1.winpe.wim" --portbase 9002 --min-receivers 3 --ttl 32 "

    The Exception Log only has some events where I was testing other Multicast Sessions.

    Is this normal? It just sits there like this?

  • Well we figured out group Multicast.... That did get past the above message, then immediately flashed a bunch of red text about a broken pipe and the machine rebooted.