No PXE works.

  • I am having issues. I am trying to PXE boot a Lenovo AIO with UEFI and Windows 10. I have tried just about every combination using Kernel 4.5 or 4.5/64. I get nowhere. It either locks up, or simply bypasses the boot. I cannot even get the USB to work right. Any help at all?

  • I can get syslinux_efi64 to get a menu while using the 64 bit 4.5 kernel. So far, it gets to an OK after loading the image, but that is it. I am trying diagnostics.

    Also, I have not tried any of the WinPE stuff. Also, it takes about 10 - 15 minutes for the image file (initrd.xz) to transfer. Can this be sped up in any way? If not, I need some help to get the USB working so that it will boot UEFI 64.

  • Never Mind folks. A reboot of my system resolved all issues at this point. This can be deleted.

  • I'll keep it around. Still might be helpful to someone.