Stuck During Upload Task

  • Hello. I'm trying to upload an image of a ThinkCentre M700 device but the process is getting stuck at 'Creating Image Schema'. I performed a clean install of Windows 10 Education v1703 x64, installed all of my programs, ran a chkdsk /f before trying to upload as well as defragged the HD. I'm running CloneDeploy 1.2.1. Is there something I can do to get this device to upload? I've already uploaded an image of a ThinkCentre M93p and a ThinkPad E431 so I'm not sure what the issue might be. Thanks!

  • Do you know how to use the web cancellable feature?

  • I think you had me do this once before but the exact steps to do it, I can't remember. Can you tell me again?

  • In the image profile just enable web cancellable and start the task. After you think it's frozen cancel the task from the web and it should upload the log within a few minutes.

  • Hello. Attached is the log after it froze at 'Creating Image Schema'. Let me know if you find anything out. Thanks!

  • Unfortunately there is no indication in the log as to why it's freezing. I would try this.
    Image profile->upload options->check remove gpt structures.

  • Checking the box for 'Remove GPT Structures' fixed the issue. Do you know why I had to do this for this image and not any others? I've built new images for ThinkPad E431, ThinkPad E560, and ThinkCentre M93p and had no issues. I only had this problem on the ThinkCentre M700. All of these devices had a clean install of Windows 10 Education x64 too so it's kinda strange why I only had problems with this one device.

    Thanks again for your quick response!

  • My best guess is that the M700 was the only one that came with a GPT partition table from the factory. Reinstalling Windows created a new mbr but left the GPT intact, which causes issues. If you are building mbr/legacy bios images, it's safe to always leave that box checked to try and avoid the problem. If you are building a gpt/efi image you need to leave the box unchecked