Task Dump For CPU 0

  • Hello. I am trying to uploading an image for a ThinkPad E560 device but during the initial task, I am getting an error. The last line that I see is 'PnP ACPI: Found 9 Devices' and then I see 'Task dump for CPU 0'. This is device has a clean install of Windows 10 Education v1703 x64. Before uploading, I did a chkdsk /f, powercfg.exe -h off, and defragged the HD. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!

  • In your pxe options for the image profile try changing the kernel to either a 64 bit or 32 bit kernel, whatever one you aren't using now.

  • The image was using the 4.98 kernel so I changed it to 4.98x64 kernel and this fixed my issue. Thank you so much for the fast response!