Advice on using File instead of Block

  • I'm trying to clone a 2TB hard drive, but only 300GB is used. When I try to deploy it onto a 500GB HDD, it doesn't allow me to because the minimum client size is 2TB. Compressing the block is out of the question as we have a specific sysprep file in the system that doesn't allow compression.

    I was thinking of using file as that only stores the space that is used inside the HDD, but my file upload has been failing and returns "retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directory..."

    Any advice on what to change?

  • retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directory

    This is not an error, just a warning. Does it say anything else?

    Also, the Block option is still a better option. If only 300GB is used it should allow you to deploy to hard drives 300GB and larger. To try and determine why you can't, I would need the upload log for that image.

  • Besides that warning, it immediately closes and reboots the computer.

    I believe this is the log for the block.

  • I see that you enabled the skip shrink volumes option. That is why you cannot restore to smaller drives. I don't understand what you mean by "Compressing the block is out of the question". When clonedeploy shrinks the partition, it does not compress it. It just resizes the partition to remove the unused space. The same as if you shrunk the partition from within windows.

  • Weird, before this when I try to shrink volumes it gives me an error. Now when I shrink the volume it uploads successfully. Thanks for the information, I will probably use shrink more often. However, I did notice some Linux OS did not allow me to shrink, is it because shrinking is a Windows only thing? Or should all OSes be able to do that?

  • ntfs and ext only.