Issue creating PXE mode WinPE

  • I installed clonedeploy 1.2.1 under an Ubuntu 16.04 server . I created the WinPE environment with "Clonedeploy PE Builder" and copy all contents of tfpfolder to ftfboot. When I select winpe_efi64 in system->pxe and check update pxe settings clonedeploy retuns me this error message "Could not copy PXE Binaries"

    In exceptions log I have this error:

    06/16/2017 12:56: /tftpboot/static/winpe//winpe_efi_64/bootmgfw.efi does not exist

    Inside the static folder I have only grub, ipxe and syslinux subdolders. Where can obtain the winpe folder?


  • Those files are all in the tftpfolder of the pe builder. When you merge the two tftp folders, it should add those files for you.