What is On-Demand Multicast?

  • Anyone know the procedure to use it?
    I'm guessing you'd have to start On Demand Multicast - Select number of computers that is going to use it.
    Plug in USB or insert CD.
    Select On-Demand and Select Image you'd want and Deploy?

    Anyone know if you can pull out the USB/CD after the transferring begins or do you need the CD/USB whole way through.
    So, I wouldn't need like 6 USB/CDs

  • This is mainly if you don't register computers with CloneDeploy, otherwise it is easier to multicast from groups.

    You pick your image and image profile and start the on demand from the server. Then select on demand and multicast on each client and select the correct multicast session.

    You don't need to set the number of computers if you don't want, it just makes the session start automatically when that number is hit.

    You can remove cd / usb as soon as the kernel is done loading, everything is loaded in memory