Add other protocol like HTTP for distribution points

  • hi,thanks for your nice software, please add HTTP or Webdav or FTP protocol support for downloading /uploading image to client instead of SMB , because in many networks SMB protocol is blocked and client can not see any share folder on server , so if you add other protocol like HTTP for distribution point it can be very good feature for clonedeploy to work in enterprise and secure network.
    if you have such plan tell me to know.

  • Http is probably the only other one I would consider. Previous versions did actually have the option for http but only for deploying the image. Most people didn't use it, so it was removed. I have not found a way to upload large files using http. If I can figure out how to upload I can add it back in.

  • thanks for your answer, also you can think to TFTP method, please add HTTP protocol at least for deploying in next version, because when SMB protocol is blocked clonedeploy can not work at all ,how can i download previous version supported HTTP deploy for windows,which version? please give me download link?