Install on Ubuntu and what then?

  • I followed tutorial: [url=]–Install On Ubuntu[/url]
    But I have no idea how can I enable DHCP Proxy.

    I have set "Using Proxy DHCP: yes" and then try dnsmasq and some other things but I was not able to boot from network. Can you explain me how can I make it work?

    I'm using Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS.

    I'm total noob in CloneDeploy.

  • ups....

    I have solve this problem using this topic: [url=]How to add cd_proxyd.exe as a service on startup?[/url]

    I try to run: cd_proxyd from /home folder and ofcourse it failed.
    After I have copy [url=]cd_proxyd[/url] to: /opt and run it from there everything is working. It is fantastic!!!

    You can delete this topic if you want.