SCCM and CloneDeploy

  • Hi Team,

    I am new to cloneDeploy , we have a SCCM infrastructure where currently PXE is happening from that. We have a plan to decommission Windows 2008 servers and deploy windows 7 machine's as SCCM DP's. Since WDS will not support on Windows 7 , I was searching for other option and came to know about Clone Deploy. Could you please clarify below query related to this.

    1. Can I install clone Deploy in windows 7 system.
    2. Can I Use the same bootimage (WinPE) which is being used in SCCM ?
    3. After the boot, is system will get SCCM policy, or any other configuration is required.


  • I run CloneDeploy and SCCM in my environment and they run great together.

    1. Yes
    2. I am not sure about this one.
    3. Yes

  • Thanks..
    I have made a win 10 PE with PE maker and copied to the tftp folder.
    Tried a PXE boot, but system is not getting any IP from DHCP
    Do I need to configure anything in DHCP ?

  • Are you trying to run multiple PXE servers on the same network?

  • Thanks.
    Now successfully booted through PXE and booted to WinPE.
    I have deployed a test task sequence from SCCM to system , but after the WinPE boot system is not receiving the policy from SCCM. Do I need to configure anything in WinPE or in SCCM side to get the policy from SCCM.