Pfsense Proxy DHCP Configuration

  • I have got CloneDeploy to pxe boot in legacy mode using this configuration on my pfsense router:

    I want to be able to boot uefi using pfsense as the dhcp gateway and CloneDeploy as the pxe server. Here is the current configuration for the clone server:

    What do I need to change so I can pxe boot UEFI devices?

  • Hi, I am using pfsense, too.

    The official proxy way would be to not configure those settings in pfsense, instead using the proxy-dhcp-program:

    "CloneDeploy Proxy will not override options that are already set by your DHCP server. If you have already set option 60, 66 or 67, you must remove them before it will work. In addition to this, some DHCP servers incorrectly set the next-server to be themselves even if you have not set it. These will not work because options cannot be overridden."[/code]

    But I am using it like you in an unofficial way like this:


    So I would say, you need to modify the first pxeboot.0 to use the proxy-directory.