LAN gaming imaging

  • this is more chat that a serious feature request.

    I have a basement with 10 low spec computers running win 7 with lan games for co op (like counterike or battlefield). It is a lot of fun.
    They have no internet and none use steam etc. idea is no latency and no traffic but the game.

    I think imaging will save me a lot of time installing software one by one on each machine.

    Ive done imaging via symantec ghost at work and done deployments by wds - I didn't like either -horrible very fiddly especially the unattended.xml which I could never find the correct docco for. Has anyone else found this? I've done a microsoft course on WDS sysprep generalize and mdt etc It was incredibly time consuming for me to set up images and get them deploying with contstant battles with drivers and filters.
    More recently i tried getting clonezilla working - I have found it hard to get installed how I wanted it to work.

    So I am looking forward to trying Clone Deploy. I think the drivers for each machine I have are similar enough but I wont know until i try.
    Are there any other head aches you can forsee?

  • btw i am happy to write some documentation or trouble shooting.

    *Note during install you cannot leave the password blank. You would get "Access denied for user root@localhost (using password: NO)"

    To fix this uninstall both clone deploy and maria db. Then Reinstall this time with a password.

    For anyone else who made my mistake of tring no password in the installer:
    apart from uninstalling maria and clonedeploy - also:
    Also you will need to add the password manually to the two windows users that were created otherwise the SMB mapping will have permission denied. (even if everyone access is created and other accounts can sign in with no password- these two windows accounts cd_share_rw and cd_share_ro need to have the password set since the clone deploy uses passwords when mounting. set the password to what you did in the installer.

  • The password used for logging into the web interface the first time is "password" not the password set in the install process.

  • Another note for doco Client Imaging Environment - is a setting on the images part of the web interface.

    I suggest setting to linux even when you are capturing a windows machine.

    because the pxe boot env is linux.

    I really like the idea of no password - pxe boot and away she goes - is that on the cards? or is there a way I can tweak something to acheive it.

  • this software is great! it works!
    I will donate