Any automated monthly job that may explain odd logging issue?

  • We are looking at an odd behavior, that may be unrelated to C/D, but so far we turned all the other stones and didn't find anything.

    In our environment we hacked together a REST API for using C/D in our automated testing lab, so we can write scripts to provision hosts w/o manual intervention.

    This API is implemented by inserting a record into the [code]active_imaging_tasks[/code] table, and copying files into the [code]/tftpboot/proxy/...[/code].

    The process that listens to our API calls is started by a systemd service, and so its messages logged by journald.

    The odd behaviour we can see is that sometimes our service stops logging, and may or may not die when it happens.

    I realize that this look like an error that I introduced via my own stupidity, and this has nothing to do with C/D, and I tend to agree, if it wasn't for the odd coincidence that both time that this happened it seem to happen on the 10th of the month right before 8:00AM.

    I wasn't able to find any crond job or journald configuration that might explain this coincidence and hence my question:

    [i]Is there any periodic task (on a monthly time scale) that C/D perform (perhaps with regard to its DB automatic maintenance) that it might be configured by default (or hard coded) to do?[/i]

  • There aren't any tasks that CloneDeploy creates that run every month, or ever. Perhaps the database program itself is running some type of maintenance.