Tftp ${Next server} Blank "///"

  • I call this the "dreaded triple slash" among my coworkers.

    First, Good Luck / Buona Fortuna / Maika'i pomaika'i with your next endeavor and journey. Being a computer scientist with a hobby for game development that I will eventually realize but working as an IT Support Specialist...well at some level, I understand.

    I wanted to follow back up from a post I've had in the past ( I'm using Proxy DHCP but get a "///" where you were able to assist me in the past and let me know:


    "tftp://${next-server}/proxy/efi64/pxelinux.cfg/default.ipxe is what it looks like, but for some reason the next-server variable is blank resulting in tftp:///proxy."

    I've been able to partially isolate the issue with my setup and determined that this occurs reliably on Mac machines and Windows machines booting using the more recent UEFI and not through legacy. I updated with the patch and still get this issue. I'm running version 1.2.1.

    My question really is if you have had any idea as to what might be causing the ${next-server} variable to not be assigned?

    I will admit that I do only turn the ProxyDHCP service on when I want it, and when I do turn the service "mono proxyd.exe" on it is using the "--debug" flags instead of "--daemon". [b]Perhaps that is my issue?[/b] I do like seeing the chatter of the service as it helps make sure that my computers are connecting (though I make sure to turn it off and on when necessary to prevent any memory issues).

    I do not wish to take up much of your time and will mention that my need is not so great as I have a work around to simply using Legacy, but it is a small annoyance to flip to legacy to clone and deploy an image and then flip it back, but it could be worse.


  • Are you using proxy 2.0.2?