Invalid numeric literal at line 1

  • Hello,

    I am running CloneDeploy 1.2.0 on an Ubuntu Server with a DHCP server running. I am trying to clone an Ubuntu Laptop via PXE NIC boot. The PXE boot works great, gets an IP from my DHCP server, the hard drive on my laptop is recognized and then an error occurs after processing the drive. I get an "Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 30". I attached a screenshot for clarification. I would appreciate all help I can get here.



  • What version of ubuntu are you trying to upload?

  • Thanks for the fast reply! I am using Ubuntu Server 16.04.

  • 16.04 Should work. I know some people have reported issues with 16.10 and newer. In the image profile upload options can you try selecting upload schema only. If it finishes, attach the log.

  • Thanks again. See attached.

  • I'm confused, was your original error for upload or deploy? Do you have the upload log?

  • This is my first installation of CloneDeploy, so I am trying to start with an upload. Your question helped me to discover that I did not have the "upload" option selected but instead had the "deploy" option selected. You can't deploy what doesn't exist yet-hahaha. Thank you so much for your help!