1.3 beta Windows 10 imaging

  • Hi,
    I am using 1.2 very successfully for Windows 7 deployment, but it fails on Windows 10 breaking image taken and image on working PC. So I was eager to try 1.3 to see if it works with Windows 10, but it seems to have very same issue and it still breaks working PC and image taken. Also having secure boot enabled and booting from Clonedeploy USB choosing clonedeploy ends in black screen. No logon prompt or anything. When secure boot is off it works.
    Any thoughts?

  • There should not be any problem with Windows 10. Many users are using it with 1.2.0 and I have been using it with 1.3.0. Can you attach one of the upload logs?

  • Thanks,
    Yes I will, Perhaps it's something to do with OOBE, generalize? We have been strugling with windows10 from beginning. Once image is taken, the host becomes unbootable giving: your device needs to be repiared, File:\Windows\system32\winload.efi,
    But using installation media the windows can't be repaired and has to be reinstalled over again.

  • Sorry I probably uploaded wrong logs.
    Here are the client specific.

  • Your windows partition isn't being detected as NTFS which is very strange and most likely the reason for your troubles. Do you have any applications installed that may do anything strange to the filesystem? Do you have bitlocker enabled?

    What if you do a clean install with nothing else and just try to capture after that. Also make sure hibernation is off. [code]powercfg.exe -h off[/code]