SSD restore the right way

  • Dear all, I have a question.
    While restoring HDD image to SSD drive, does the underlying software takes care about partition aligning automatically?

  • WinPE imaging environment - Yes
    Mac imaging environment - Yes
    Linux imaging environment - No

    As long as your aren't using winxp it should already by aligned anyway.

  • I'm not sure if I follow.
    So, I have two possible situations: first is, installing OS on standard HDD, take an image, and restoring it on SSD. Using LinuxIE, the partitions on SSD wouldn't be aligned, so I should realign them with some tool, yes?
    But, second, if I install OS on SSD, take image, and restore it on SSD, it would then be aligned?
    Thank you for patience, I haven't found anything about this in forum posts.
    And thank you for making this tool simple and understandable.

  • When using the Linux environment. It's as close to a clone as possible, meaning I try to keep all of the partition offsets the same as the original. If it was aligned to begin with it will be aligned after. If it wasn't aligned to begin with, it won't be aligned after, regardless of HDD or SSD. This is generally an old topic. Windows xp started at sector 63, not properly aligned for SSD. Windows 7 and newer start at 2048, so it's already aligned properly. Doesn't matter if it's HDD or SSD. I think that should answer both of your questions.