Clonedeploy via bridge lan

  • Hello again,
    i have a server and i made a bridge with 9 lan cards but when i try to upload or deploy an image i can't get an ip when i booted via dhcp. Is there a problem with my bridge or clonedeploy can't work properly via bridge?

  • Sounds like a problem with DHCP or bridge. CloneDeploy should work fine with bridge. What is handling DHCP?

  • Thanks for the quick response. Is the DHCP is from the clonedeploy server. I have put an ip on the server for the clonedeploy to work. I don't believe that is the bridge, because when i use one lan only, without bridge, with the same ip and the same configuration it works fine, when i make the bridge with all the same i can't boot from a client's pxe. Is there a problem because the bridge is made with three different lan cards?