Diskless Setup (help!)

  • Hi. I am new to PXE boot, and I would like to do a DISKLESS setup of Linux Server - Windows Client thing.
    I want to ask if CloneDeploy will allow it? Like will the Windows OS image be installed on the client without a hard drive and only using a LAN network (PXE).

    I've tried doing a TFTP with SAMBA and I also used WinPE, the system worked but only until the Custom method wherein the Windows is asking where I have to install it. And since my client is diskless, no hard drive cannot be seen, therefore, I have to stop the Windows Installation.

    My colleague said to use image cloning open source software(s). I saw CloneDeploy, and of course any other open source software, but the explanation on this one is clearer than the others. I will try to use it as soon as possible. But to lessen the trouble of having to try a method where I am not sure of the results, I have to post here.


  • If I understand correctly, it sounds like your looking for a thin client server. This is not CloneDeploy. CloneDeploy takes an image of a computer with a hard drive and copies that image to other computers with hard drives.