Clone Deploy cloning entire hard drive

  • Right now I'm in the process of testing Clone Deploy on a small server, and it seems that CD attempts to clone the entire hard drive of the computer I'm testing the imaging process on. I've changed the File/Block settings and that doesn't seem to do anything as well as deleting and re-adding the computer. On previous software, we were able clone only what HD space we've used. For example, if we only used 20 GB of a 500 GB HDD then we had the option of uploading that 20 GB image, and I don't see that here.

    The documentation says only block has been tested but file should work as well, correct?

  • Block and file should both work. Each has limitations depending on the filesystem. How do you know its imaging the entire drive. Can you attach upload log

  • I'm not at work to test the server atm, but I'll take another look at it and upload the log.

  • Here is the log file, it indeed copied the entire harddrive. I only have about a few GB left in my small server.

  • Yes, it couldn't detect an NTFS filesystem and uploaded as raw. Is there any type of encryption on this drive? Is this an OEM install or a clean install?

  • Yes, the laptop I'm trying to clone is encrypted

  • That explains it. CloneDeploy can't decrypt it, so it has no choice but to do a raw copy.