Issues deploying image to different size hard drive.

  • Deploying image to different size hard drive, having issues. Windows 2012 partitions 2 different drives when installing, sure, we all know this, but when I go to deploy, if the hard drive size is different, it deploys but does not boot.

    These are Oracle X6-2 (something like that) servers with Win 2012 R2 installed. We've deployed on other servers exactly the same. I'm wondering if the boot "stamp" doesn't write, and if so, how could I find out?

  • This is the other image we're trying. It just seems to do image sda1 and doesn't carry onto sda2. Obviously doesn't continue to sdb1.

  • So these machines have two hard drives in them. It's a little odd that sdb is listed first. Are you sure the boot order is correct. Is it possible that CloneDeploy isn't deploying windows to the drive you suspect? Can you attach a deploy log?