Error after restoring EFI partitions

  • I have a HP Probook 360 with EFI boot. I can upload an image to CD just fine.
    After restoring to a different Probook, I get an error.
    The process itself works just fine, the computername is also changed and everything. So it's not really an issue, but it strange.
    The error appears after restoring the last partition.

    I took a photo of the error, see attachment.

    Using 1.3.0 and the latest kernel available in CD.

  • Looks like an error when trying to update the nvram. CloneDeploy uses a program called efibootmgr to update it. It appears that is throwing the error. Are you using the 64bit kernel?

  • Yes, it's 64 bit.
    SecureBoot is disabled (otherwise it won't boot iPXE at all - that's why I'm trying to get WinPE PXE to work in the other thread :-))

  • Okay, I did some more testing with this and it seems this type of notebook is causing more issues this way. I'll describe them one by one:

    1. Because of the first error, the client task doesn't get properly removed from CD. It's stuck in the queue at 99% or 100%. This causes the queue to get full sooner or later and you need to manually cancel these tasks or no new tasks will be able to start eventually.

    2. Before restoring partition 1, there is also some error with restoring the GPT table. The error scrolls by really fast, still trying to capture it. It says something about 'this may not be a problem' or something. I'll try recording it.

    3. Because of either error 1) or error 2), it is not possible to restore any other image to these notebooks. What I mean is this: I usually have a VM in which I build a clean image with all required software. I can restore this image to other hardware using CD just fine. I also built an EFI image which restores just fine to a VM at least. I can also restore this image to this HP Notebook, but it won't boot. I just get a Windows Blue Screen with boot errors and startup recovery, but it never fixes itself. I suppose this is because of error 1), CD can't write the proper boot file location to the EFI? If I create the base image on another HP Notebook 460, the deployment goes just fine since the partition layout is the same.

  • Everything you are saying makes sense and all relates back to not being able to write the nvram. I think the first thing I can try is to update efibootmgr to the latest version, which unfortunately is not real simple. I'll see what I can do.

  • Thanks!
    I'm not sure if this affects more EFI Notebooks - most computers I have used (with any imaging program) can be used in CSM. I really hate EFI and especially SecureBoot 🙂

  • I was able to update to the latest version of efibootmgr if you want to give it a try. Grab the new boot image here.

    Overwrite the existing one in your tftpboot/images folder.

    I'm not hold out much hope this will fix it, but worth a shot.

  • Thanks, I'll try it soon!