Dual Nic Configurations

  • Hello, I'm looking to configure this software in a fashion that the server has internet on one nic and imaging to only take place on the other. How would I achieve this?

  • In the web gui, just make sure the server ip and distribution point ip are pointing to the correct nic. If you plan on multicasting you'll need to set the multicast sender arguments to that specific nic

  • ok so the web ui will be accessable via the internet port, and imaging to be accessable via the 2nd port. for the sake of this example...

    Nic A (internet)
    Static assigned

    Nic B (imaging)
    Static assigned
    DHCP server
    PXE server
    TFTP server

    Will on demand continue to work in this manner?

  • The webui will always be available on all nics, clonedeploy imaging will only use the one you set in the webui, but users could connect if they know the other ip. This won't effect on demand.