Image replication amongst multi-site

  • I am looking to configure 3 different locations with a new imaging solution. Images are to be stored on a separate drive than the OS. Are there any reference files or anything else that would need to be replicated amongst the 3 sites.

    I plan to achieve this using rsync or owncloud. This way if an image is created at site A, to be replicated to site B and C, and vice versa

  • Just syncing the images folder is enough. If that image does not exist at the other site, you will need to add it in the webui.

    If you are using CloneDeploy clustering(which may or may not fit your situation), then you just need to sync, no webui changes.

  • can clustering handle this job without using rsync or owncloud? can it work with offsite? are there any port forwards etc required?

  • Clustering is new in this version, synchronization is not handled yet,hopefully someday. All clients must be able to communicate with the cluster primary for some basic http requests, the bulk of the data would come from each sites image server,tftp server, and multicast server. So without a site-to-site vpn for the web traffic, it wouldn't work off site.

  • sounds like this could be a great solution if the sync would work. vpn is an option. So, back to adding the images manually, surely theres some reference file that logs what images are loaded and where the storepoint is. couldnt i make this file sync also or, is there a command to scan the images storepoint and look for new images?

  • It's all in the database. The distribution point defines where the images are stored on the filesystem. And the image definition stores the image name. The only way to automate this is to use the API to create a new image when syncing if it doesn't exist.

  • so i could replicate the database or portions of and have those sync and re-import?

  • You could do that also.

  • surely i wouldn't want to do the whole db, as each sites primary nic would be different. so which portions would be relevant?

  • just the images table