Info About Sysprep Tags and Hostnames

  • Getting ready for my first deployment to a lab. I want to name each computer [School Name]-[Room Number]-[Sequential Number]. Can I do this CloneDeploy and sysprep tags? Does the documentation cover this for someone who is clueless? I've looked, but had no luck finding anything but a brief glimpse at sysprep tags.

  • The naming feature works by registering the computers first. Ideally you need to add each computer to clonedeploy with the name that you want, during imaging it will automatically be renamed. This only works when deploying Windows images.

  • Thanks.

  • Also if you are using a sysprepped image the <computername> field must exist in your sysprep answer file. It doesn't matter what is in it, it will be updated to the computer name. If you are not sysprepping the changes are automatically made to the registry.