ComputerProxyReservation instead of cd_proxy's allow file?

  • Since I have a DHCP server that I have no control over, that serves hosts on my network, I am using the Clone Deploy's DHCP proxy (cd_proxyd.exe) with an allow list ([code]allow-all-mac=false[/code]).

    This however force me to manipulate the allow list (and restart the cd_proxyd services) whenever I want to add and remove hosts from the allow list.

    Can I use the ComputerProxyReservation API instead of the allow file, i.e. if I set the [code]allow-all-mac=true[/code] and make sure that [code]clonedeploy-service-url=http://${CLONEDEPLOY_HOST}/clonedeploy/[/code] (*), will it answer to DHCP requests [b]only[/b] for the hosts with proxy reservation turned on?

    (*) In v1.2.1 it ended with [code]service/client.asmx/[/code] that I removed for v1.3.0 - is this correct?

  • No, that won't work. The proxy dhcp works on two ports 67 and 4011. The initial request comes in on port 67 to establish that the client should look for the boot options from port 4011. It's not until the 4011 request that the api is called. By then it's too late. The main problem is that the initial request on port 67 must get a response very quickly. That's why the allow list is loaded into memory at startup. If we made an api call there, it would take too long and the computer would not see the proxy response.

  • The API we wrote to deal with this (and to work with v1.2.1), simply manipulates the allow list file, and restarts the cd_proxyd service. I guess there is no such stock API for C/D, and so we will keep this part of our code.

    May I suggest having such an API bundled with cd_proxyd?

  • That's definitely possible.