GNU/Linux Deployment

  • Does anyone use this for Linux deployment? I've been using it for Windows 10 deployment and it works great and is fully automated. Can you do things like change the hostname during the imaging process like you can on Windows?

  • Changing the hostname when deploying Linux is not currently implemented. It is very easy to do though. Just create a script to change the name and assign it to the image profile.

  • I wrote a script to change the hostname during deployment, so far it works perfectly. Does anyone know of a way to automatically bind it to a domain during deployment? Currently I have a script I manually run that uses PBIS, but I'd like to make things more automated.

  • Probably not going to be possible. If it were me, I would use CloneDeploy to copy the script to the computer during deployment. Then create another script that tells that script to run at startup, then have the scripts delete themselves. Alternatively you could just bake all this into the image.