Logging level

  • Is there a way to increase the logging verbosity of components of C/D. I was able to do it for the tftpd server (by adding [code]-v -v -v[/code] to the [code]TFTP_OPTIONS[/code] at [code]/etc/defaults/tftpd-hpa[/code]), but I don't know if I can rase the logging level of C/D DHCP Proxy, or the application running under apache2.

    Any advice?

  • The highest logging level with proxy is --debug which only works with console mode, not daemon. The application does have some additional logging, probably not much too useful. In each web.config file change the ERROR log level to INFO. I want to add more but haven't got to it yet.

    Is there anything specific you are trying to troubleshoot?

  • We have a testing lab, that constantly deploy an image on a machine, runs the test, and do it again for a new test with a new image. We are using an API to drive this process (still not the official one that came with 1.3.0, that one is in the works, but one we hacked together).

    I got a report that a nightly test session failed because a scheduled deploy did not start. But after a manual reboot of the machine it did start.

    I wanted to gather data of what the system was asked to do, and what it was doing, to try and debug this issue.

  • Sorry, right now I can't think of anything that would help identify where it went wrong, especially if it didn't even start to image.