Please, add memtest into console

  • Hello!

    Could it be possible to add memtest into client console. It would be great enhancement to already existing badblocks application, with which I can test HDDs for bad sectors. It's not big application, and linux distros often have it inside their grub menus.
    That way we could avoid booting anything else for basic troubleshooting of the PC.

    Also, if (possible) it could be added into first menu, that would really be grand.

    There could be two entries there,

    Test 1st HDD for bad sectors (which would execute [i]badblocks -s -v /dev/sda[/i])

    Or, how can I do that myself?

    Thank you very much.

  • Memtest is pretty easy to add. Depending on your environment, you will need to download the memtest binary and place it into your tftpboot folder. Afterwards, open CloneDeploy and go to Settings -> Boot Menu and make a new entry. Google is your friend.

  • @urgodfather
    Spot on.

  • Oh? I will try to do that, thank you!

  • Did it, it was quite simple, really. Just... DELETE .bin extension from file name (and in the menu consequently), because PXE treats bin files differently. As I was there, added Vivard tool for testing HDDs for bad sectors. So, it's complete now.