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  • I am new clondeploy , and i have been working on setting up new imaging server . I have installed 1.3.1 off the website and currently everything is setup as per the documentation . I created a new new distribution point for my NAS . i also removed the default record.
    I started by pulling the image from a new Dell 3050 which connects fine to NAS using the SMB . now i an using the CD to boot up and deploy the Image onto a different Dell Opti3050 and it tells me that "error could not mount SMB share " . i even tried to troulshooting steps you have on the site and i am able to see the /storage /image folder and i and able to create a test file . please let me know if i ma doing something wrong here .

  • Something here doesn't add up. If you are using the same user and pass for reading and writing images, then it should always work. It's not possible for upload to work and not deploy.

    How did you pull the image? Was it the same process you are using to deploy the image? Both from an ISO, if I understand correctly?

  • Yes it is very odd . so you get understand what i am trying to do , i have a project where we need to deploy 15 new Dell Opti 3050 desktops.
    i started by creating a master image on one of them and then i used the ISO to boot into the CD-rom and log into the Clonedeploy Menu .
    i logged into the menu and i created an on demand task to upload the image . all woks fine when i do that and the i am able to connect to the IT_NAS server . please see attached pictures labeled Upload1 and upload2.
    the works fine .
    Now when i try to deploy the same image i pulled minutes before on the same PC / Hardware , using the same ISO cd and an on demand task. i get the error saying that it can not mount the IT_NAS. please see attached picture labeledDeploy1.
    i also tried to create a deploy task in the server and I got the same results .
    i also tried it on other dell Opti3050 thinking that it may be an issue with the hardware but i got the same results.

  • where can i double check the Mapping info in the server . i looks like the deploy and upload is looks at 2 different location or 2 different directory

  • Deploy and upload both look at the same directory. On your nas did you make a sub folder called images?

  • Also could you attach the upload and deploy log?

  • where can i get it ?

  • If Computer is registered.

    If not registered
    webui->admin settings->logs->on demand

  • please see attachment.
    you will see the log for the Upload and the deployment .

  • Probably sounds dumb. But are you sure you entered the read only password correctly on the distribution point

  • i will try to type it again . let me check now

  • just tried it and it works now .
    very dumb that i missed that .
    thank you for all of your help