MacOS Error on deploy

  • Hello CloneDeploy,

    I've been using Clonedeploy for about a year now and haven't had any issues with Windows and Linux deploying and uploading however I just recently set up the MacOS portion and am having trouble with it, below is the error I'm receiving and I've also attached the onddeploy & ondupload logs.

    "Unknown Error Occurred While Determining Minimum HD Size Required"

    OS Version: Windows 7
    CD Version: 1.3.2
    CDProxyd Version: 2.1.2

    Currently works:
    Windows uploading and deploying
    Linux uploading and deploying
    Dual boot Linux & Windows images uploading and deploying
    MacOS netboot (Working with both Sierra NBI and El Capitan)

    Testing done:
    I've been going back and forth with El Capitan and Sierra (Newest versions) and trying to upload and deploy with both versions with the correct NBI counterpart but both seem to yield the same errors. What's strange is the upload seems to be successful however it's only a 18MB file for part1.dmg and 509MB file for part2.dmg.

    I'm not sure where I should be looking or settings I should be changing, any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Thanks for all the information. You deserve a medal for a well thought forum post. I should pin this thread as a model for others on how to start a new thread.

    I suspected that core storage would be an issue. I don't have any systems that use it, so it's difficult to add support for it. Basically your schema file isn't being created properly and Macintosh HD is never uploaded among other things. Macs are becoming difficult to create an image schema due to how the partitioning is setup, and it's getting even more complicated with APFS. I am currently changing the strategy for imaging macs to not use a schema. I'm basically just going to grab the Macintosh HD and then create a standard partition layout and lay it back down. Let me get back to you with something in place, hopefully soon.

  • That makes sense, if I can provide anything to assist or help test what you come back with let me know, however you've answered my question.

    Thanks for the quick response!

  • It looks like you setup Core Storage with only a single drive and it's not a fusion drive. Is that correct?

  • Yes this is a MacBook Air with Core Storage, I believe they come with Core Storage configured by default now however I'm not the most Mac savvy person.

  • I have disabled CoreStorage on one of the Macs and confirmed everything is working uploading and deploying. Thanks again for your help!

    I'm perfectly fine without using CoreStorage as I didn't even know it was enabled or what it was until today, however if you choose to create something that I can test for you I'll be happy to help. I imagine it's more worthwhile pursuing an APFS fix rather than this if anything.

  • I don't know why CS would be the default on a system without a fusion drive, but hey it's Apple. I don't think I'm going put much time into Core Storage since it's being replaced by APFS anyway, which sadly is much more complicated. Thanks for the update.

  • @rnguyen I ran into similar issues with imaging iMacs before upgrading to CD 1.3.3. I basically had to deconstruct core storage using diskutil cs createVolume fusing the SSD and HDD. I have also found that sometimes it's necessary to copy the schema from a working image (non core storage) I did this on the server itself not in the web interface.

    On another note: I have been imaging successfully from Sierra to High Sierra with only one small issue. They image fine, but do not bless the boot drive properly resulting in a ? folder on next boot up. You then have to select the Macintosh HD from the Mac Startup Manager and bless the drive after booting up. But that little hassle is worth it since a CD image takes about 10 to 15 minutes (20G base) compared to 30-45 to upgrade the way Apple wants you to.