Unable to Upload image from Client PC

  • I am attempting to use the "Upload" feature after following the instructions up to that point. I am able to PXE boot the Windows machine to Clonedeploy interface, but after entering the login credentials it continually gives the following error:

    "An Error Has Occurred
    ..... The Imaging Environment for the image does not match the currently loaded Environment

    Rebooting in one minute"

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but all I could find was related to Linux based images.

    Thank you!

  • Your image type doesn't match what you have booted into. Which imaging environment are you trying to use? Looks like linux, you need an image that's set to linux

  • I am attempting to boot into Windows and pull an image from that Windows machine to deploy to another machine to verify if we can use this product for our new imaging solution.

    I apologize for ignorance, I attempted to follow the instructions to the best of my ability and I thought I was on the right track with my method. Please correct as necessary.

  • If you are using winPE you need to set your client imaging environment to winpe on the image. If you are using the default linux environment it needs to be set to linux.

    linux is the preferred method and can be used to upload windows images. WinPE is just an option and in most cases should not be needed, but there are times when it is.