Add NIC drivers to USB boot drive?

  • I apologize in advance as I'm a complete noob here. 🙂
    How does one add drivers to the USB boot disk? In the environment I'm in, we can't use PXE, so I have to boot to USB. There are some newer machines that the USB drive doesn't have drivers for the NIC on the computer I'm needing to boot. I am using the 5.4x64 Kernel when creating the boot image.

  • The drivers are in the kernel. You need to recreate the usb selecting a newer kernel. I'm guessing you mean 4.5 kernel. The latest is 4.13.2 if you are using CloneDeploy 1.3.x

  • Man, that was fast! Thanks! That fixed it. I didn't realize that I needed to install the new Kernel. I was just using the latest one in the dropdown menu on the ISO/USB generator page. After I downloaded the latest Kernel it was available to use in the ISO/USB generator menu. I just tested and it works! Thanks for a GREAT product and really fast and great service!